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• DMLT course started from 2020
admission for Management quota affiliated by U. P. State Medical faculty Lucknow (U.P.)

• B.Sc. Nursing Tutor Vacancies
(Minimum 1year experience ) Post basic B. Sc. Nursing applicable

• G.N.M., A.N.M. & O.T. Technician admission Open



Guidelines for Admission to A.N.M course.


1.     The minimum age for admission shall be 17 year on as before 31st December of the year in which admission is sought.

2.     The Maximum age for admission shall be 30 year.

3.     The minimum educational requirement shall be the passing of 12 years of schooling (10+2 year course) recognized by CBSE/ICSE/SSSCE/HSCS as a recognized equivalent examination.

4.     Student shall be medically fit.


5.     Admission of students shall be once in a year.



Internal Assessment

1.      There Shall be 25 % Internal Assessment for all theory papers and 50% Internal assessment for all the practical’s.

2.      A regular and periodic Assessment for each subject and clinical / field experience is to be carried out .

3.      For the purpose of interned assessment there shall be written test in each subject taken by the respective teacher each month .

4.      The student shall be required to maintain the practical record book and report of observation visits and diary for assessment by the teachers concerned , various other techniques for assessment must be used. Marks shall be allotted for each of the following

(a)    Case Study

(b)   Case Presentation

(c)    Nursing Care plan

(d)   Maintenance of record books ( Procedure Book and Midwifery Record Book)

(e)    Daily Diary

(f)    Area wise Clinical assessment is to be carried out. Minimum two assessment are required in each clinical area.

5.      Regular record of theory and practical is to be maintained . Task oriented assessment is to be undertaken . Assessment Shall be maintained by teacher for each student each month. This can be checked by the council / Board. Principal Shall Sign all the records of examination. It Should be displayed on the notice board for the information of the students.

6.      A Candidate must secure 50%  marks in internal assessment separately in each theory and practical . To be successful a student must get 50 % marks in the internal as well as council or Board Examination of each year.

7.      For a student who appears for any supplementary examination. her/his fresh internal assessment in the failed subject (s) /practical(s) is to be sent to the council /Board.


8.      State Nursing Council /Board should prepare a model perform for performance evaluation for each of the clinical area and circulate to all. Schools of Nursing for maintaining uniformity. Each student is required to maintain the record of following assignment in clinical areas in each year.